Saturday, February 23, 2008

I've found my dream outfit

Oh... So much for 'hiatus' and 'won't be blogging for the next month or so'. :P As yokie pointed out, I won't be able to resist.

For the past few blogging-free days, free time (break time from studying T-T) was spent blissfully browsing Etsy, eBay, livejournal communities, and Neopets. Yes. Neopets. I'm still trying to acheive 11 million nps to get that damn Adam avatar.

Ok. So the other day, I saw a post advertising handmade corsets on livejournal. It wasn't the first time I've seen the seller posting up her wares, but what suddenly ignited my interest to browse her stuff further was a first-time realisation that corsets do enhance and emphasize a woman's curves.

After the discovery, I did a search on my all-time-favourite-handmade-resource-site Etsy. This was when I stumbled across this absolutely gorgeous 2-piece bodice made by damselinthisdress.

{Rust Pirate Bodice by damselinthisdress}

My first thought when I saw this : I'm going to wear this for my wedding.

Note : Only if I'm destined to get married, of course.

I can almost feel your stunned and incredelous stares. What? This weird piece of fashion for a wedding? You got taste or not? You siau ah? You betul tak?

I admit. The colours may not suit the perception many have that a wedding should all-white. Or cream. Or pink. Anything but rusty brown and pale yellow. And anyone heard of the bride wearing a coat on the outside? :P But to turn things around, there are more and more 'modernised' weddings taking place every day. More colours are starting to decorate bridal gowns, not just the traditional white. And I'm sure you've seen eye-popping bridal gown designs by fashion designers in magazines, if not on TV.

No matter the latest trend, I love this outfit to bits. It's reflects the medieval times, when woman wear simple dresses. I think feminism is much reinforced by such designs. Never have I seen another more beautiful piece than this, except maybe other creations by damselinthisdress. The 2-piece bodice will look equally good with black pants. *drools*

Hokay..... Back to T-cell mediated immune response. T-T


~Stella said...

I love the name of your blog!

I would totally wear that at my wedding except that I already did the wedding thing. I wore a hideous dress chosen my mother (from Jessica McClintock, no less!). My college roommate said that I looked like I belonged on the cake. Ack.

I love the details and the femininity of this gown. I think it would be lovely in soft creams and golds.


Yvette said...

No, don't go on hiatus. I love your blog <3

I think that would be a lovely dress for a wedding! Perhaps not traditional, but interesting :) It's 2008, I think it's time for some change! I think the dress would be beautiful in lighter colors- creams like Stella said would be nice :)

Sing Yee said...

Hey stella. :) Thanks. :) First time I hear about Jessica McClintock, and I googled. Her dresses look beautiful. It couldn't have been that bad. :P
Yup. I love the rusty brown especially. :)

yvette. :) I probably won't go on hiatus. :P But I'll definitely blog less from now onwards, until I have my study break (probably) in April. :)

zuzu said...


I read you play neopets? :D
I'm going to be selling TONS of neopet stuff soon! FOR CHEAP!! (I went thru my neopet phase.. so im kinda just "over it" ya know? although i still play :D)

So if ur interested, lemme know! :D
XX hun!