Sunday, April 8, 2012

Handmade Purchases from Etsy

After 2 years of abstaining from kawaii and all things handmade, I managed to convince myself that I was in need of some recuperative shopping therapy. It's almost like a rebound syndrome. I bought 4 items at one go! But well, I deserve them. :D

Beautiful handmade bag by buluchu. The colours are AWESOME!

The very kawaii metal frame snap purse, made with Japanese cotton fabric, handmade by octopurse!

I totally dig it!

The kawaii purse is too precious! I'm afraid of using it for fear of wearing out the fabric. @.@ The 3rd purchase is a fabric zipper pouch, which I forgot to take a photo of. And the final purchase is a backpack, something I actually need because the one I have now is literally peeling.

Well, it looks like I'm slowly getting back to blogging again, albeit shorter posts. Hope that this will keep up. :)

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saltvinegar said...

Those books at the back! I saw them at Kinokuniya.. and flipped through them.. they are so gorgeous!! But sadly i can't read them.. do tell me are these nothing more than picture books? What do the Japanese words say?