Sunday, April 15, 2012

SEOUL June 2011 - Day 2 (N Seoul Tower)

When you grow older, do you think back about the days when you were in still in school? Yesterday, my friend and I went to get a exercise book for her theory practice. She recently took up a piano class, and had to do theory exercises as well. While in the bookstore, we stumbled across the music score books section. Amidst flipping through one, I sort of recalled the torturous days of piano lessons, how agonizing it was to wait for that 1 hr to end. But a panic also started to rise when I realised I had forgotten how to read some of the notes. Most of them actually. T-T And so I felt a melancholic regret for my childhood wasted away at piano lessons, only to find that in the end I still need to learn it all over again. T-T
Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts! The breakfast muffin was really nice!

Pretty store front in Hongdae. The area is full of beautiful nooks like this.

I got a pair of sandals from here. :)

A walk towards the foot of Namsan Hill.

Did I say I LOVE Seoul? 

Store along the way up Namsan Hill.

Shrine or guesthouse... Not too sure as we did not go in.

Even Korean grounds look much nicer than local ones... XD

Beautiful blooms!

Tooks LOADS of photos of these flowers. XD


Keki said...

Oh this does remind me of practicing the piano now >.< :D
those pictures are gorgeous..they absolutely make you calm down a little..:)
xoxo Keki ^-^

Amelia said...

beautiful pictures, they make me want to go to Korea even more XD

Love Felt Designs said...

I love your blog and etsy!