Saturday, April 14, 2012

SEOUL June 2011 - Day of Arrival

Time to gather up those photos and start postinng! I went to Seoul in June last year, and got to see all sorts of interesting sights and places!
Teokbokki & twigim with complementary soup at a snack store in Hongdae.

Store front along side alley of Insadong street.

Love these potted goodness seen all over Seoul!

Roses!!! Or are they?

Poop bread at a cart in Ssamziegil, Insadong.

Jeonju bibimbap at GoGung, in Ssamziegil building.

The juice & poop bread cart.

Yummy dry snacks at a food stall in Anguk subway station.

A cupboard choke-full of yummy goodness at Chocolat-Yum Bakery Cafe, Hongdae.

Sweets! At Chocolat-Yum Bajery Cafe, Hongdae.


Veggie said...


Marie Lo said...

awesome pictures of korea!! I wannna goooooooo!

silent_gurl23 said...

Wahhh...the foods looks so delicious...i want to go korea too