Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kiss and Make Up - Happy Valentine's Day!

After thinking over the copying issue, I have to admit that I was probably wrong to have publicly lashed out at someone, even though from every evidence gathered up till today, I'm very sure I did not make a wrong accusation.

The major problem in the realm of crafting is that anyone can incorporate anyone else's idea into their work and call it inspiration. Crafters, artists and designers, freelance or professional, have no legal protection against reproduction of their works, unless these are patented.

All is well when a person stumbles across your creations and decides to make something similar to give to a friend as a birthday present. While making the item, he/she will most likely want to put something into it that he/she can call his/her own idea, one that distinctly shows his/her own unique style. This is what we call personal imagination with a dash of creativity, which is what creating handmade items is all about.

But to make unmistakable replicas of the original creator's work and sell it off for one's own benefit is, I believe, too much for anyone to swallow.

Ok, I'm not trying to start grumbling again.

The purpose of this post is to apologise to LG for my harsh tone. However, I still stand firm on the belief that the accusation was not without justified reasons. I have not taken down the initial post, but replaced the photos with original ones form her shop. I see now that splashing 'copycat' in bold red letters is just too harsh.

*Sigh* I think I'm being too nice. T-T I'm even promoting the darn things with their original photos. *gags*

I shall take this episode as a lesson learnt. As WryAndGinger put it;

" If someone is copying your ideas, glance back at them over your shoulder and whisper "good luck keeping up sucker!" and just get on with making your cool and original shit. "

And that is how I celebrated Valentine's Day.

{ My cool and original shit that I created last weekend together with the Happy Sundae Treat }

I actually wanted to leave it till I get more supplies in the mail so that I can list it on Etsy as a complete necklace. But since things call for a little sweetness, I decided to list it anyway.

{ Ice Creamy Candy Lover's Dream }

Let's all have a little ice cream and blow them bitterness away. I sure did mine. :)

Let the world be your inspiration but only uniqueness comes from you.


tippy said...

I am kawikakoike from the tokidoki forum and I think your items are way nicer than the copycats items.
btw- my daughter (i am a DAD. LOL) overheard your music while i was on your blog and recognized the song "umbrella", she loves that song. She speaks korean as well as japanese.

calpix said...

"My cool and original shit?" Um yeah, ok. Don't you have a mighty high impression of yourself. gag

The seller you trashed cookies looks nothing like yours. Hers is cute, yours is tainted with your arrogance and bad karma. Oh yeah, yours is grossly overpriced.

You didn't invent these... a clay cookie, been done before... so I guess that makes you a copycat, eh?

Megan said...

tippy said...
I am kawikakoike from the tokidoki forum and I think your items are way nicer than the copycats items.
Honestly, what is the point of saying this? The blog post was trying make good on the whole situation and then you make a rude comment! Completely unnecessary!