Monday, February 2, 2009

Stocked with Crafty Supplies after CNY

Eheh... I'm an irresponsible blogger. Yeah, pat my back. >.< My family and I embraced the annual routine which is a major part in celebrating the Lunar New Year - visiting relatives and friends.

About a week before CNY (Chinese New Year), we *as in a group of friends* were discussing about ang-pows. For your information, ang-pows are what the Chinese call 'red packets', and these usually contain cash notes. One of the girls voiced out that she felt excited at the thought CNY nearing, because of the ang-pows. Almost all the other girls agreed. I somewhat disagreed and said that since we're reaching our 23rd year of life, shouldn't we feel a little embarrassed for receiving money from other people? I'm not trying to sound like a super-independent 'power' woman who rake in millions from her estate management giant or something. I just have this thought - what did I do to deserve that?

Have you thought of it that way? Or putting it another way round, would you give RM10 or US$5 to each of your colleague's children, whom you only see once a year? It may be a form of courtesy and a sign of good-will to each other. But then again, visiting and catching up with the host and his family is a far more sincere gesture.

Just a thought there....

A day before I was due to fly back home, I got a call from campus. There were four packages waiting to be collected. I skipped like a little girl with pink candy floss all over to the Students Affairs Department.

{ Big Bang Vol. 1 first album + Rainism *Rain* }

Got my CDs from eBay. The seller's from Korea! ♥wooo~!♥ Big Bang's albums are never plain. This one was a large vinyl layered black box that contained two shiny rainbow memory-card-look-alikes of two members. I got TOP and Seung Ri. I want GD!!!!! *sobs*

I'm so glad I bought Rain's newest album. Love all the songs!!!

Next 3 packages contained purchases from Etsy.

{ Chaings and findings from Lululalaland }

Lululalaland probably offers the lowest price and best shipping rates among Etsy jewelry-making suppliers. Everything was neatly packed and I even received a free pack full of seed beads!

{ Findings from doubleangeldesign }

This seller has got good reputation and a lot of positive feedbacks. Two thumbs-up for her for a super fast delivery all the way from Canada! Her items are very reasonably priced too!

{ Cabochons from mksupplies }

Cabochons of identical designs and colours can be found at cheaper prices in other Etsy shops, but I still recommend mksupplies for it's professional outlook and vast item variety.

I have ideas for these, but I guess they'll have to wait till I have time to spare. T-T

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