Monday, February 9, 2009

Sparkly Bejewelled Happy Sundae Treat Locket Necklace

The weekend was long. So I whipped out my polymer clay, working materials and tools and started a day of fun!

{ Sparkly Bejewelled Happy Sundae Treat Locket Necklace }

I made some tiny sweets and assembled them onto a large brass locket I bought on Etsy. It was a happy process, mixing different colours, shaping the sweets, cutting out the hearts and attaching the swarovski crystals. The locket has got two plastic flower cabochons too.

A few days before Chinese New Year, I went to Macy's on Petaling Street to have a look at their geniune swarovski crystal flat-backs. I got 1.9mm ones selling for RM28 per packet (of how many I don't know) and 2.5~2.7mm ones for RM38 per packet. I thought putting some really sparkly blings on my polymer clay creations. :P

{ Yummy treat to last you a lifetime }

I have it up for sale on Etsy. Check it out here.


linda said...

Omg. It's so cute!!!!!! *_*
How long did it take you to make that?

You're so luckyyyyy, there are virtually no good crafts stores in Canada! I wish I could buy all those nice felt colours and nice jewelry base pieces!!

lilstitchy said...

ok kawai!~ it was soo great looking at ur stuffs!! been wondering how u did it??!!! owh gosh its soooooo cute! great job buddy! =)

Tiffany said...

your creations are so pretty!!!
very talented!! =)


Ally said...

This is just so WOOOOW
i saw it on your flickr and i fall in love with ^^