Sunday, February 15, 2009

One Final Note

I woke up today to my conscience.

Thinking back on the recent issue which was all the rage on my blog, I realized I was acting unprofessionally in handling it. Again, I want to apologize to the victim of my outburst for my unpleasant tone. I'm a little worried that she was traumatized by my accusations, even if they were true.

I should have just shut up in the first place, swallow the whole thing and move on, like every other crafter/artist/designer does. Or let the photos do the talking instead of putting my anger into writing. >.<

Anyway, I've removed the two posts to prevent more people from joining in the fun of hurling insults at someone just for the sake of it.

To all readers with good intentions of reminding me the importance of a sense of humanity, I extend my thanks for making me realize my immature display of anger.

Also, to old-timers who know my works best, thank you for your incessant support on this issue.

It was certainly a lesson learnt.


Karen Marie said...


I'm Karenmarie from Would love to ask you more about your kawaii stuff :)It is so kawaii and I love it loads:) How can I contact you?

LC David said...

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lynnx01 said...

Glad you have released yourself from this 'torment' and frustation.