Friday, April 17, 2009

Bring On The Cavities!

With only a week left before exams, I should be buried -with deep concentration- in Pharmacology by Rang, Dale, Ritter and Moore, ticking off the list of information to memorise as I go along. But I just can't stand it any longer. I'm going mad. I spent the last 6 days going through cancer chemotherapy and toxicology -very painfully- trying to cramp in all the info. So much time wasted on these supposedly kacang modules. T-T I'm now debating whether to start on CPK or MSK tomorrow. Should I leave MSK till after the 4 continuous papers? I think I'll die if I do that though...

Well, to look at the brighter side of today, I just paid off my Etsy bill with Paypal! Whee! Previously, I had to bill off on an attached credit card on the site, which is a pain because I really don't wish to burden my parents for paying off something I that I should have been able to. So, I'm really pleased that Etsy has now answered this plea which has been ongoing for quite a few years. This means a whole new beginning - online business run on my own expenses!

Now I wish Threadless would do the same to bring Paypal into its payment options. But then I might go broke... ^-^"

That aside, I renewed some items in my shop, and added an exciting piece of candy...

{ Bring on the cavities! - every girl's dream charm bracelet :D }

I actually finished assembling it last Friday. The charms were made waaayyy before that, sometime early March, and on different dates. Started off with the pastel ice cream scoop. And then moved on to the cream drops. And then the chocolates. And lastly the lollipop.

4 seperate days. This is probably the longest work-in-progress for any piece I've made. Usually, I can't wait to finish something so that I can drool over the results.

{ Some other pieces that I tried making. They'll probably be sitting in my cupboard for some time. I need to get exams out of the way. }

{ Cream drops I used for the charm bracelet }

{ I added large golden bells. They add to the overall shiny-ness. :D }

{ Feel like keeping it for myself. But then, I don't usually wear charm bracelets. Some of the most beautiful charm bracelets I bought on Etsy -on impulse- have never been worn... T-T }

You can view the listing HERE.

Hope tomorrow'll be a productive day. I MUST finish at least rheumatoid arthritis and anti-inflammatory drugs..... T-T


Stina said...

Oh my, what a supercute bracelet!! You're really talented :D:D:D

~sTePh~ said...

You love threadless too!!! :D

Oanhderbread said...

oh my! my sister came across your page and just had to show me it. your work is so amazing!!!

Sing Yee said...

Steph, yup! But I haven't got around to buying a tee yet. >.<

Oanhderbread, thanks! And is your username pronounced as 'wonder bread'? :D Just wondering. :P

kirin said...

Hi Sing Yee, it's been a while.
How have you been?
I've updated my post on sweets deco queen, Kinako-san.

You make cute small sweets decorations just like she does. That means you can buy clay and other stuff in Malaysia? When you go to Kinokuniya, can you reach these books Kinako-san published?

These days sweets decorations like you are making are very popular in Japan, and Kinako-san sometimes appears on TV as a queen of sweets deco. I always think of you when I see this trend here and there in Tokyo now. :p

Sing Yee said...

Hi Kirin, indeed it has been a while. :P It seems like clay sweets are taking over the DIY trend. Clay is largely available in Malaysia. We can get light-weight mousse clay, paper clay, resin clay and polymer clay at Kinokuniya and Isetan, as well as most craft stores.

Kinako-san? Mushroom-san? XD I've seen both books here in Kinokuniya. I was really tempted to buy them - they have such colourful photos!

I've seen a lot of deco-parts and miniatures from Japan sold on Etsy. Wish I could get them all. ^-^"

kirin said...

Ah~, you've got everything right there! That's good for you! I asked this 'cos Kinako-san was wondering how people overseas can reach materials and tools as she uses even after they can reach her books at Kinokuniya or Japan book centre.

Ahaha, you're almost correct! XD KinAko means soybean flour in Japanese while KinOko means mushroom! I think she uses nickname.

Thanks for your comment in my blog, too.

Ally said...

I loev this bracelet! Yummyyyyyy
You are so talented <3

●メ" 暴力熊 ♥ 雯雯 "メ● said...

may i ask,

how u do d creamy thingS??


what is d name of d cream??

i'm from malaysia,i jux so intres with this things but here very hard to buy...

but i trying to find if got d thing's name...

if can,can u add me??

or u can visit my blog pls...

thx ea~