Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life goes on + tokidoki new prints!

It's been a brain-draining two weeks, and it only gets worse from there. I'll be having a presentation tomorrow and another one on Thursday. Gotta prepare for them. T-T

Amidst stressful compiling of clinical cases on Sunday, I received a call. It's from someone at the Annexe Gallery, and they confirmed my booking of a booth at Art For Grabs this coming May (9th-10th)!

Omigosh!!! I'm really really excited! This'll be the first time making a real life appearance selling my kawaii. :D Eheh...

I actually signed up in February, and started making stuff in March. I'll post up some of the things I made for the event - when there's time to spare. >.<

In the meantime, let's take a breather and feast our eyes upon new tokidoki bags! Up till now, 3 new designs for 2009 have been released - Leo, Geo and Discoteca. I like Discoteca best. It's got all the famous tokidoki characters in it.

Images credit to tokidoki's official website

{ tokidoki Discoteca Amicca }

{ tokidoki Discoteca Serena - I like this bag style :) }

{ tokidoki Geo Amicca }

As for Leo, I can't imagine an uglier print. -_-" Animal-spots-like print never works for me. >.<

BLARGH! I hate studying....

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