Monday, May 11, 2009

Art For Grabs May 2009 : Part One

Fuuhh... The weekend passed by in a flash. There wasn't any time to think. Before going on to share with you the whole craft-fair experience, let's first take a look at some of the things that I whipped up fresh for the event.

{ Fruit Salad plushies with a lobster clasp for hanging }

{ Little Cloud plushie cellphone straps }

{ Yummy felt donut pin brooches ♥ }

{ Strawberry pins! :D }

{ Purteh cupcake felt pin ♥ }

{ Wooden map pendant necklaces }

{ More map necklaces. The silvery yo-yos are actually made from a folded umbrella cover. :D}

{ Woodland & wilderness creatures printed -manually- on map circles, laminated and with a pin-back stuck on. Mid-way through the first day, we found out that the pin-back could actually be prised off with just a delicate nudge. Omg. T-T So teruk! Tak wat quality control before putting them up! T-T But then I did test them after a day of completing the making, and they were fine then. I guess mixing G17 and Bostik Super Glue wasn't a good idea after all. T-T.

Later, we used only G17, and it proved to be an excellent bonding agent for plastic and metal. }

{ Polymer Clay cookies. Took a whole day to make them. ^-^" But I'm really satisfied with how they turned out. Sequence of making : green, blue, pink and lastly orange. The pink was a second one I made - the first one got burnt on the underside... T-T }

{ Fruiteh Candy Cookies ♥ }

{ Chocolate Sweetheart Cookies ♥ }

{ Made them into necklaces }

{ Juicy Lollies necklaces ♥ }

Hokay. There are still some pieces left from the fair. I'll be putting them up in the shop some time this week. The laptop's running like a 100-year-old lady with a sack of potatoes. -_-" Am planning to complete blog entries today.


Jammy (a.k.a the Panda) said...

hi, is me again (Jammy XD) hondoni kawaii desu neh~~~ can i... order from u here... ^^

Sing Yee said...

Hi Jammy. :P Sure, let me know what you need. You can also send an email to starfighter_leo[a]

aichaku-愛着 said...

aiyo!! so cute! *heart*

-=[Neko]=- said...

WOW!!The Polymer Clay cookies was so cute and nice!

avatar99au said...

your so artistic and talented :D