Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Long time no updates. :P I've been lazing about after completing the elective report. Each day, it's Facebook, Facebook and more Facebook. I'm helplessly addicted to Restaurant City and Pet Society. It's quite scary how I can sit for quite a while every day and stare at my friends cooking, serving dishes and cleaning up. -_-"

But that's only one tenth of my daily routine for the past few days. I've actually been glued to youtube, watching every video featuring Korean boy group 2pm. Will tell you more in a while. :)

For now, let's take a look at some cute stuff!

{ Poketo! Donutsu Mug by Heisuke "PCP" Kitazawa }

{ Poketo! Coffeepot Cafe Mug by Silvia Portella }

{ Coffeepot Cafe Mug - ain't it just keeeyooot! }

Poketo! is sort of like an art community whereby international artists promote their works through functional yet creatively fun wares. These mugs are just two from a unique collection of funky homewares.

I just love their wallet collection. :)


Agnes Sim said...

so cute le... i like it!! ;-)hey..i got facebook too. :p

Hawaii said...

I like the mugs, and what a nice blog you have :)

Ally said...

facebook is an addiction for me too lol

I love teh picture
these donuts look really yummy