Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JSR #32 : I threw away the packages so I forgot the names...

I'm back in Sibu. For quite a few days already. ^-^" The weekend saw me being dragged by my parents down to Sarikei for trip - again. -_-" We went a-hunting for wild 'paku' and 'biling' - Sarawak vegetations - at my parent's little piece of orchard near an old school. Aside being food for mosquitoes for an hour, I was quite fascinated with the outcome. We actually gathered enough greens for 2 meals! :D Dad also managed to chop down some bamboo shoots. I was asked to peel off the outer shells of the shoots. Hell, was it a nasty job. -_-" Getting teenee bamboo furs stuck to your hand is not exciting at all. -_-"

So, yeah. Not doing much these days. Just lazing about - menganggur la katakan. T-T Here are some photos of Japanese ice-creams and wafers to look at while I figure out how to start my crafty engines. -_-"

{ Super yummy fish-shaped wafer with vanilla ice-cream, uber sweet red bean paste and a thin layer of chocolate. }

{ Green tea + milk ice cream. Very padat. Very creamy. Not too sweet. Just right as a dessert after a heavy meal. }

{ Wafer with vanilla ice-cream and red bean paste. Somehow, I just can't taste the red beans. -_-" Not as nice as the fishy wafer. }

All bought from Isetan. Price is about RM5-7 for each. The fish wafer is definitely a must try for you sweet-tooths out there. :)


☆lucky★star★witch☆ said...

YAY!!! I lurv Taiyaki ^^...it's that fish-thingy ^^...but...I dun like tea...>.<...but...I still drooled looking at them...-sweat-

kirin said...

These ice creams in Japan would cost 100 yen each. So it's not that expensive considering as imported. ;)

Sing Yee said...

Green tea is quite nice really. :P

kirin, I quite agree with you. It's way cheaper than Baskin Robbins or Haagen-Dazs anyway. XD But I think they're each worth the money. :) Super yummy, particularly the Taiyaki! XD

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Agnes Sim said...

wow...Green tea + milk ice cream looks yummy