Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art For Grabs May 2009 : Part Three

Er... Sorry for leaving 2 days' gap till part 3. ^-^" Darn research proposal.... T-T

Anyways, here are some awesome finds at the event. :)

{ Cupcakes by ngonyes. Pretty and yummy. ;9 }

{ Dollhouse and miniatures exhibition by a few talented girls }

A booth the right of ours was accomodated by a little exhibition on dollhouses and miniatures. The dollhouses were unbelievably intricate, carefully done down to the minutest detail.

{ Busy little kitchen worktable }

{ A shop? Or a corner of a cosy home. }

{ I find this one very very impressive! Hair salon! }

{ Fabric store! }

{ Cafe? Omg! I wanna go there! }

{ Omg! I think this one really is like a miniature of the real Malaysian florist's. The details are just unbelievably life-like! }

{ Goodies! }

The zines are by chi too, pretty notecard-sized drawing by Carr Win *kahwin! XD* and fish-scale patterned postcard by liyana. They're given by the artists themselves at the end of the second day. I should have given something from my shop in return, but I was like a blunderful blur person that I didn't. T-T The zines really make my head big. ^-^" A few of them I understand la, but most of the content is beyond my comprehension. ^-^"

That adorable lion plush cellphone hanger is made by a guy! XD He's the first customer to come to my booth and buy something eh! After a little chat, found out that he makes cute little felt animals. He showed me a winged horse and a terrier, both of them in 3D! :D And he gave me the lion as a present! *happy~happy* XD

Oh, and thanks to everyone who came and stopped by Kawaii~neh!'s booth. :)

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Agnes Sim said...

the felt lion is so cute. ;-)