Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Grandma's 90th Birthday

Um-uh-idiot - Estupido ~ I deprived myself of internet access for the last 3 days. Sendiri cari punye pasal. Haih... Yala... I hadn't thought of checking the LAN connection on my computer to see if it's connected. Only did so just now. And to think all this while I was assuming the Telekom people tak buat kerje. HAIYO!!!

Nevermind that. We reached Sibu on Sunday. :) I've gained quite a few kilos after the heavy eat-and-eat and non-stop eat. *sounds sooo horrible* Okla, maybe it's only me. T-T

My maternal grandma is a head-strong and really extremely and very stubborn person. She has 10 children, and loves them too dearly, sometimes, irrationally. She sides them no matter what who's wrong or right, and because of that, sometimes, I think it's quite wrong for her to do that. However, she's the only grandparent I have now, and I want her to be happy and at peace at all times.

Oh! The caaaakkke! Soft orange and pandan sponge, smoothered with fresh cream! :9

Grandma with her four precious girls.

And grandma with her *ahem* beautiful granddaughters (daughters of her girls. :D)

Nyieh-ma, you look sooo CUTE!!! *squeeshies*

Lots more random photos of random people doing random stuff. :D Anyway, had a blast of a time, because us 'pretty grandgirls' haven't seen each other for like years! So, I got to catch up with them and exchange news. :)

Favourite question ALL relatives of my family - the question everyone is dying to ask us girls :

"You nan peng you ma?" or "Oo nan peng yiu mo?"

"Got boyfriend already or not?"



lynnx01 said...

Hey I showed my mom the photos and she confirms that she knows your mum. LOL!

Sing Yee said...

Haha! I told my mum about it, and she wanted to know your mum's name. :D I think you've told me before but I forgot. T-T Send me an email also can, or sms me. :)