Friday, June 15, 2007

The Ultimate Sushi Binge

Realisation truly hit me. I only have less than 2 weeks left of my holidays! Nooooo!!!!!!

Haih..... I guess I'll have to start on some reading sooner or later. I brought only one thing related to my studies - my Pharmocology textbook. It's still in my trunk. T-T Haven't even removed it yet since I arrived home. -_-"

I dont' want to study..... T-T

Here's the finished sushi plush set. {Click on any of the picture to see more details and buy on Etsy}

It includes Tamago Zushi (egg roll), Shiotarou Takuandori Onigiri (triangle shaped nori-wrapped rice ball with pickled ginger), Inside-out California Roll with sesame seeds, The Extreme Sushi (I always change its name), and Fish-roe Battleship.

Each sushi (except Tamago) has a ribbon loop and a keyring attched. So, you can do whatever you like with them - string them on necklaces, hang them as mobiles, use them as plain keychains or handphone danglies, or just sit and admire their cuteness all day long. :D

This is the other sides of each sushi. As seen in the picture, Tamago may be taken apart. There are 3 parts altogether - rice ball, egg roll and seaweed strip. The seaweed strip has sewn-on velcro, so Tamago may be produced by putting the egg roll on top of the rice ball and wrapping the strip around it. Versatile toy, even if I do say so myself. :P

I've altered another metal candy tin to use as a bento box. It is, however, less decorated than the previous one. For this sushi set, I've embroidered a yellow felt patch with "OISHI", which, I think means 'Yummy' / 'Hao Chi' in Japanese. I think la. I never bothered to check up, because I lazy. :P And there's also some Japanese characters (which may mean nothing in particular) which I copied from one of my food-themed kawaii notepads. :P

And look, how cute are the sushi, fitting comfortably in their 'bento box'? :D

Inspired by how well the sushi turned out, I made a rice ball hair clip this morning.

This will come free with the sushi when purchased. :)

"Kawaii-neh?" :D


lynnx01 said...

Coooooool! It looks so real, says my sis.

Bopeep said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!! *o*

I think I gonna make a california maki too *_* kawaiii <3