Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Little Nature Right Here with You

Due to my very stupid assumptions and laziness to check, I was left with seemingly infinite hours of leasure at my expense. I couldn't really do anything actually, because I was suffering from I-MUST-have-internet-in-5-secs-or-else-I'll-go-crazy syndrome. :( How the cyber world has its grip on me. T-T Seriously, I can't live without internet access for 5 hours.

But I managed to craft something yesterday morning. The first set of these 3 mini plushes has brought much delight to some Etsyers and so I thought to bring it back. :)

Little Nature Perk-You-Up Set

Water Drop Guy Plush Charm + Puffy White Cloud Plush Pin Brooch + Rainy Day Plush Pin Brooch

Will be listed on Etsy soon. :) Listed on Etsy. Click on the picture to view the listing.

Oh! And another happy announcement! I'm contributing for August's The Sampler!!!! Woohoo!!!


Toilet Read said...

I love the plushies that you've made! :) I also feel the same way when I don't get to surf the internet. I'm in front of my PC almost half of the day. hehehe I was drawn to your blog because I also love Kawaii stuff and Japanese candies and chocolates. :)

Sing Yee said...

Thanks! :D Yeah, I'm too dependent on the internet already. T-T