Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shizuku Blue Purse Charm / Pendant

Swey day yesterday. I went to the local craft shop to get some supplies. Bought quite a number of little little parts, bits and pieces. When I reached home and got to work, I realised the pair of lobster clasps (for bracelet and necklaces, sometimes also found on handphone danglies) I bought were not among the stuff.

The cashier girl must have forgotten to put them in the plastic bag with the rest of the things. T-T Haiyo.... Luckily, the cost lost is only RM2.

This incident brought me back to my shopping experiences in Endah Parade Sri Petaling. Once, I went to buy shampoo at Guardian. I paid, turned and walked away, just to hear the cashier girl calling me. I had forgotten to take my shampoo. T-T So paiseh lo. I told myself I'll never do that again. But I never learn la. A few weeks after that little paiseh-incident, the same thing happened again at the same Guardian. I paid for my things and didn't take them. T-T It's a good thing the people on duty at the counter were kind enough not to just let me walk away without bringing along my purchases. T-T

So, what happened yesterday should really be a lesson to me already. -_-" Check and see if everything I bought is in the bag. *Hmph*

This morning, I made a sort of keyring/keychain/pendant thing. It was actually produced by accident. In the first place, I wanted to make a bead bracelet similar to this one. I ended up with a much shorter strand. Since I've crimped both ends, there's no way I can add more beads to it. So, I thought, what the heck, just make a keychain la. And hey, it turned out very much better than I expect it would.

{Click on the pictures to view the item details and buy on Etsy}

The ribbon bow makes it look pretty and sweet. :D


* pfang said...


I can't stop laughing "swey day ", you are so funny. the key chain look so cute.

Christina said...

Very, very cute!

Sing Yee said...

pfang - Thanks! Kawaii? :D

christina - Thank you! :)