Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strawberry Layer Cake + Fantastic Cakey Finds on Etsy

*Phew* So long no blog. Had my eyes glued to the TV. Why? Been watching 终极一班 (Zhong Ji Yi Ban), a Taiwanese drama series featuring 飞轮海 (Fei Lun Hai). Finished the 20-68 minutes-episode sort-of-fiction series in 4 days. :D I love love LOVE it! Got some super 'diao' and 'koo' characters inside! And lots of 'leng xiao hua' (jokes that are not funny at all, but because of that very reason, you find it funny. :D)

Despite having my butt stuck to the sofa for what seemed like 24 hours each day, I found some time to make a plush cake with two plush strawberry pins.

{Click on the picture to view item details and to buy on Etsy}

Convertible Strawberry Layer Cake Plush Toy

And while doing a search on Etsy today, I found an awesome seller who makes the kawaii-est little food accessories! Pukashell uses polymer clay to make tiny cake rings, pins and candy magnets. She also knits play food such as sushi and cupcakes. :) Here's one of her pretty better-than-real-life-like cakes :

I'm really impressed by her skills!

Well, there are lots of online crafters that make imitation food jewelry and accessories. Faeriesmak and Pancake Meow are two that are more often spotted.

I intend to learn making polymer clay charms, once I find where to get polymer clay. T-T


Aneesah said...

Oh yes, when you find polymer clay lemme know too! ^^ The kind of clay I can find around here is white air-dried ones. =\

priscilla said...

That strawberry layer cake looks adorable and tasty too, lol. ♥
I love little fake foodies!

Christina said...

Very cute cake!

lynnx01 said...

The series you watch is without subtitle? Can understand? I struggle to understand those... only now I realised the importance of subtitles.

Sing Yee said...

Aneesah - Sure. I'll let you know. And similar to your case, the only ones I've seen are air-dried ones.

priscilla - Thanks. :D Yup, imitation foodies rock!

christina - Thank you. :)

Lynn Xuan - Yeah, even though I watched without English subtitles (Chinese one got la), I understood most parts. No difficulties from the first episode till somewhere between the 10th and 13th. After that, they were discussing all sorts of weird names and terms about martial arts, weapons and enemies. Ah, there my struggles laid. Despite that, I managed to grasp the main story line, so everything A-OK. :)