Saturday, March 7, 2009

Full House Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Yesterday marked the end of week 9 of semester 6, and the start of 2 weeks holidays before I'm due for a 2-week attachment at Hospital Klang. I joined a group of girl friends for a night out. :P

We went to this lifestyle store and cafe called Full House in Ara Damansara.

I heard from my friends that this cafe's set up is really nice, with an air of vintage and victorian, and the theme colour is white. True enough, when I saw the store front, I must say the place certainly was as described by many. ^-^"

{ Full House entrance space }

We reserved a table on the 1st floor. After placing orders for food and drinks, we walked around. I had fun taking photos :

{ 1. Center table loaded with goodies like white birdcages, miniature eiffel towers, delicate plates and bowls filled with jewelry 2. Life-like strawberry abd milk chocolate bars - which were actually notepads 3. Cute teddy couple 4. Large blingy eiffel tower necklace }

{ 1. Miniature cupboard with artificial potted plants 2. Crystal chandelier above the center table 3. Crystal chandelier above the entrace space 4. Pretty bed with romantic sheer curtains around the bedposts }

We were still taking photos when the food arrived at the table.

{ 1. Marinara Spaghetti 2. Grilled chicken chop 3. Soft shell crab 4. Chicken chop }

One of the girls recommended the grilled chicken chop as she'd been to the cafe before and her friend who had it then said it was delicious. It was not delicious. It was SUPER delicious. Unfortunately, I did not order the dish, but spaghetti marinara instead. Which was kind of NOT NICE. >.<

With our tummies filled, some of us went to the ground floor to take more photos.

{ 1. Antiques and decorative plants on a make-shift fireplace 2. Awesome looking white bird cage with a plant inside 3. A modern victorian-like living room set-up 4. Dining room set-up }

After Full House, we went to 1U to do some shopping and catch Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun-Li. It was my very first cinema movie in KL. ^-^" I'm such a 'house-potato', always unwilling to step out of the comforts of home. T-T Well, yesterday night was a good chance for the girls to take me to watch a movie. :P

All in all, I had a really great time. :)


Allie said...

Yum, sounds nice =D

Where is it?

Sing Yee said...

It's somewhere near Kuala Lumpur here in Malaysia. :P If you have the chance to visit Malaysia, you should definitely check it out. :P

Allie said...

I will do ^__^

Ally said...

Such a pretty place!!
I wish i could visit it ^^

CinnamonCrane said...

the kind of place you could never find in México :'(