Friday, March 20, 2009

JSR #31 : Berjaya Times Square Japanese Food Fair Pt. 2

Here's Part Two of the review of what I bought last weekend at Times Square :

Crunky Chocolate Biscuit (Lotte)

Price : RM10+

Contains : 9 individually packaged biscuits

I just love this chocolatey biscuit. It is an assembly of chocolate cream with rice crispies sandwiched between two pieces of loosely crunchy biscuits. Gotta love the smell. *ssssnnniiiiiiffff~*


Crunky Cafe Latte (Lotte)

Price : RM6.99

Weight : 48g

This is probably by far the worst Japanese chocolate I've ever had. -_-" First and foremost, the supposedly crunchy rice crispies were like little pieces of chewed rubber. They absolutely lacked chrunchy-ness, which is actually a trademark of Crunky and a major purpose of people buying them. Secondly, I did not quite get the flavour. Latte? Sure, it's got an unmistakeable hint of coffee, but I think I prefer my chocolates free of it, thank you. >.<


I had Häagen-Dazs chocolate fondue with chin2 just now . Though I was mentally prepared for it, my heart still broke a little when I saw the actual bill. ^-^" What to do? Wanted to try mah. But this will be a once-in-a-lifetime treat for me. Unless someone is big-hearted enough to treat me lah. :P


I'm tired of reading about heavy metal poisoning, mechanisms of action of insecticide and herbicide toxicities in the human body, and god-knows-what-else. T_T

Next week I'll be spending whole days at hospital wards, clerking cases. Clerking I tell you. As if la we so pro like that. *eye-roll* But then the whole purpose of the 2-weeks attachment is to expose us the hospital environment, get us to experience real-life responsibilities of a pharmacist, and most importantly to evaluate our ability to apply what we learned in theory to real-life situations and problems.

And I'm so unprepared for it. T-T And so not looking forward to it. >.<


Tizzalicious said...

Those biscuits look sooo good!

Yokie said...

o.o... i have not been studying.. i felt so bad now