Sunday, March 15, 2009

JSR #30 : Berjaya Times Square Japanese Food Fair Pt.1

Went out yesterday with yokie. We spent most of the day at Times Square, hunting for flats. Happened on a large Japanese food exhibition there. I bought some RM35 worth of stuff from there. ^-^"


Cacao Cream Balanceup (Asahi)

Price : RM5.99

Weight : 72g (2 individual packs containing 2 biscuits each)

I was quite curious to see rows of this biscuit, having never seen them in Isetan or Jusco before. Perhaps they're a new product in Japan too? There were several other flavours, the ones I remember being strawberry and vanilla milk. I think this biscuit is being promoted as a 'healthy snack' because whole bran, bran flakes and brown rice flakes were among the ingredients. I must say although most would be put off just by a mentioning of 'bran', this biscuit was really delicious. It smelled really really yummy it's got a good solid crunch to every bite.


Milk Horn Choco (Meiji)

Price : RM3.99

Weight : 52g (8 individually packed bars)

This one was displayed at the 'super save' section because its shelf-life is due in about a month's time. It tasted great though. Aero-style chocolate filled in a thin wafer fold, and both ends of the bar dipped in melted chocolate, this snack resembles some gourmet creation served at expensive restaurants. XD I love it for its prettiness and yummy milky chocolate.


Petit Choco Langdsy? (Bourbon)

Price : RM4.39

Weight : 50g

Yokie recommended this. :) Each piece consists of 2 biscuits sandwiching a layer of chocolate cream. I love the crumbliness of the biscuits and creamy chocolate. Mmm.... It's a very satisfying treat for anyone craving for chocolate! :D


I'm being unproductive again these few days. T-T I find no pleasure in anything other than surfing the net 24-hrs a day and lazing about. T-T


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