Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fruit Salad + Fruit Bowl

I didn't think there would come a time when I'd be out of ideas for crafting. T-T It seems that semester 3 had really taken its toll on me. I'm so stressed out during the 4 months that I just plonked gladly into the comforts of home thereafter, savouring the stretch of 24 hours per day to use as I wish. I've become so complacent that my mind is starting to go backwards. T-T

Well, despite that, I really want to make the most of the free time I have now. Hence the motivation to start stocking up on my Etsy shop stock. So, yesterday, I'd yet again made a set of Fruit Salad Plushie Charms which will go on sale in a moment.

Notice that I used the same background for the picture as I did the last time. It brings out the colours and looks good with the fruit. :D Well, I'm not satisfied with the colour contrast of the photo though... It can still be better. But it's quite hard to capture that perfect photo with a BenQ camera. T-T I can't wait till my dad comes back this Saturday with my Canon memory card.

You can guess I'm running out of ideas. When I started out making stuff about two years ago, creativity was not a problem. All things kawaii inspired me to create my own pretties out of scratch. But recently, I just couldn't think of anything new to make. All new ideas that pop up in my head are either in full use by a number of crafters on Etsy, or they're just too normal. T-T

So, I decided to just let my creative side rest for the time being while it recharges itself. I hope I won't be having this dull and down moment too often. T-T

Meanwhile, I went through a Japanese craft book I bought from Kinokuniya a few weeks back. I love this book a lot. :D The pictures are meant to be eaten, not looked at. XD Well, I made a few fruit plushes from the patterns in the book.

{Kiwi + Pineapple + Mandarin slices}

Kiwi is the most fun to make. :) The orange slice looks a bit not like orange because of the colour of the felt = it is too dark, with a neon tinge to it. Hmm... I don't know what to do with them... yet.

Oh... and Threadless is having its $10 sale again!!! I really want to buy some of the shirts they have. Ever since Lynn Xuan told me about Paypal's new cash withdrawal option, I've been planning to save up my balance and withdraw it for my daily expenses. But there are just sooo many things I want to buy online.... T-T What to do....

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lynnx01 said...

Did I mention it is using Public Bank's Visa Electron card? That's what a friend told me.