Wednesday, November 7, 2007



Semester 3 of B1/06 is officially OVER!!! *dances around in a chicken suit*

I'm free to update my Etsy shop, go online 25 hours per day, make all the plush sushi I've been wanting to, craft out all the rainbows I've been meaning to, watch TV until I can't open my eyes, eat all the chocolate I can get my hands on and binge out on cookies and cakes and whatever guarantee-to-make-me-fat stuff I can reach.

My baking goal is : to bake at least 2 cakes per week, make at least 5 types of cookies throughout this time, try out at least 3 recipes from each recipe book I have at home and learn to make crispy swirled puff pastry. :D

Those feats sound a little impossible except for the last one. But I'm hoping to accomplish them anyway because I've been severely deprived of home-baked goodies for the whole 4 months I'm staying in KL. Nyah~

Will be flying back to Sibu tomorrow morning. :D Can't wait to reach home and give my sis a poke. :D