Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little Nature + Gloomy Cloud

Sho... not much happened since my last post.... Except that my friend told me that I won some lucky draw sponsored by Air Asia. @-@ I'm not really sure because we bought our tickets together but she was the one who did the online transactions. So, she got a call from the AirAsia people saying that I got RM50k insurance.

When she told me this, I didn't know whether to believe or not. But then she said they'll be sending an email to clarify, and she'll forward the email to me. Well... I really couldn't care less. :P Insurance nia ma, right? If cash then it's a different matter lo. :D

Talking about insurance, I'm still at lost of understanding why people even bother about it. It's a waste of money, no matter how I look at it. Just keep aside extra cash in a savings account, kan dah cukup? Don't gatal tangan and go korek enough dy la. Say when you kena accident ka apa ka, then you're likely to have enough at hand to cover for the medical expenses. Dah.

Maybe I haven't been exposed to different aspects of this insurance concept, so my opinion about it is just shallow. :P

Aside that, I made these plushies yesterday. :)

Will be listing on Etsy soon. :) Listed on Etsy. Please click on the picture to view the listing and buy.


Aneesah said...

Hey, insurance is important you know! :o D'you know how EXPENSIVE medical expenses can be? I think if the average Joe kena masuk hospital and have surgery of some sort, he'll need his WHOLE bank account (and his wife's =P ) to pay for it. After that pokai already. ^^; The thing about insurance is, they'll cover whatever it costs lah, even more than what you've paid them in total. And say you had an accident and langgar a car, the insurance will pay them, instead of having to get involved personally with the workshop and all the hassle.

Sing Yee said...

Haha! Uh... Yeah, I suppose insurance is important. But still, I prefer not to have to many. :P

Bea said...

Ooooooooh your plushies are so cute! I love 'em!!