Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Kawaii Christmas in A Box


The last few days had me going uncertain for some time.... Uncertain of the things I want to accomplish during this hols. Sales on Etsy is really going downhill. I'm truly at lost of planning how to save the situation. I did all promoting I usually did, but it seems that competition has never been this 'sengit'.

Well, sales will come when they do. I won't fret over that anymore... I hope. :P

So in the meantime, I'll just pass my time with crafting using patterns in Japanese craft books.

Yi Jie, here's the template for the meringue blob as promised. :)

Here's a tutorial in Japanese, but the pictures are quite self-explanatory. If still blur, this tutorial in English may clear some things. :) Make sure that the curved sides of the petals are always on the outside. :)

Well, yesterday, I made another set of plushes.... again. :P This is A Kawaii Christmas In A Box.

{Aren't they just keee-yooot?}

The box contains 2 gingergreadmen felt plush pin brooches, 2 teddy bear cookie felt plush pin brooches and a Christmas tree cookies felt plush garland/banner. :D Yummeh~

{Backsides really look delectabuhls...}

And I added a bonus free gift inside :

{Sweet meringue cookies}

Don't the colours remind you of the sweet mini cookies we usually had as a child? :D

I've listed it on Etsy. But I'm not getting my hopes up. T-T View it HERE. I'll love you if you take a look at it. :D Thanks so much for everyone who supported all this time. :) It makes me feel appreciated and happy. :)


AlicePleasance said...

They're simply perfect! I adore japanese crafty books as well :-)

Izy said...

Oh great! i need to try it! I'm jsut a beginner, but i was looking for a few christmas craft ideas to decorate my room and some gifts! :)

You'r always talking about this japaneese craft book.. but how do u do to understand it? -__- .. is it more like an illustration guide than?


Sing Yee said...

Alicepleasance, yeah! Love them for their tasty pictures! :D

Izy, looking at Japanese books for felt crafts is not really difficult. I can't read Japanese, but I can understand the pictures and templates. :) So yeah, it's more like an illustration guide. :)