Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yo-Yo - A New Discovery

Ok... Been missing in action for a few days... Am getting a bit lazy in updating. T.T

Since arriving home, I've been so relaxed that I did nothing else aside eating, watching TV, onlining and sleeping. T-T Already gained 2kgs in 4 days. *Help meeeee~*

Haih..... Plan la manyak-manyak to make cakes somemore..... Tak kan terjadilah I think... T-T

Ahaha... :P Well... I was hit bya new crafting-craze yesterday - Yo-Yos.

I have bags of thrifted fabric scraps lying about. So I thought hey, why not make something pretty out of them? I googled 'yoyo tutorial' and found this very helpful site on how to make a Yo-Yo.

I've seen people making these pretties all over the net - Flickr, Craftster, Etsy.... Everywhere! They're great for putting scraps to good use a.k.a recycling. They're so fun to make that I made more than 15 yesterday. T-T

However, I don't know what to do with them... apart from turning them into brooches, hair ties and hair clips. And after a search on Etsy, I found that lots of people make and sell Yo-Yo items. That makes selling a rather unprofitable decision because it means price competition. T-T Well it's hardly surprising as these pretties are really easy to make - you can whip up one in less than 10 minutes. :D


Aneesah said...

I've seen yo-yo's a lot too, but tak pernah try buat la. (I've had to throw away my fabric stash when we moved, so sedih!) I think they'd look good sewed on bags, like even completely covering the bag. XDDD The other day I saw a denim bag covered with buttons, so cute, but kinda mahal at RM30-40 (but yeah, so kesian the girl jahit satu-satu the buttons kan?) so I think yo-yo's will look good too. With coordinating colours and all.

Enjoy your hols! I have two more papers to go... =\

Sing Yee said...

Haha... :D Yup, I've seen bags completely covered by yo-yos. :)

I'll definitely enjoy my hols. Gambateh! All the best! :)