Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Poo Friends

Yep.... These are poo. We have Little Scholar Milk Chocolate Poo, Dead-Somber Dark Chocolate Poo and Miss Burnt Treacle Poo. :D

Well, I wasn't really enthusiastic about making them at first. Why? There are just too many crafters who make these things that I feel unoriginal making them. T-T However, these are my own designs, and I'm proud of them. :)

My sis said her favourite is Little Scholar Milk Chocolate Poo. :D His overly large bulging eyes give him a scholarly look - it's as if he has glasses on. :D

Miss Burnt Treacle Poo was made using material recycled from an old unused fake leather bag. It is really sturdy and stiff, perfect for cutting out shapes and appliques.

I've made the other two poos into pin brooches while little Missy gets to be an ornament. Will be listing them on Etsy later. ;)


Bee said...

Hehehehe...thanks for the giggle. They are really cute...even if they are poo.

Steffi said...

Your Happy Poo friends are so cute!

Sing Yee said...

Hey there bee. :) Glad that they made you happy. :D

Hi steffi. :) I love them too. :)