Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crystal Candy

Last few days, I was immersed in a beading bliss. Made a few bracelets, of which this is my fav.

All beads except the polymer clay flower and glass blue diamond beads were scavanged from childhood jewelry and accessories. I particularly love the acrylic purple crystal star.

I made a keychain thingy first. But it turned out quite bulky I think. T-T

This piece is also a treasure reconstructed from old jewelry and hair ties. Except for the two jade doughnuts, which were given to me by my Grandma a long long time ago. She gave all her daughters' daughters 3 jade doughnuts each. When I was in primary school, I wore them on a silver necklace every day. I never took them off, even when bathing. But I stopped wearing them when I started secondary school. Because I suddenly developed a 'geli' sensation whenever I put on a necklace.... I can't remember where the other doughnut had gone since.... T-T

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