Monday, December 31, 2007

Kawaii Luck

I'm back in KL. At good ol' Vista. Spent 4 hours cleaning my room, from top to bottom, everything... sweeping the ceiling, wiping the fan, window panes, thousands of rungs on the window grills, wiping all shelves and drawers, tables, sweeping the floor, mopping it twice, scrubbing down my bathroom walls, tub, toilet, sink with Kiwi's multipurpose cleaner. I so love this cleaner. Spray it on anything and that anything will just melt away. I swept and mopped the apartment too. :P

This is a routine for every start of semester. Changing bedsheets and washing my comforter is also a must, although I do that once every semester running too.

After taking a shower, I headed down to get my mails. And what a bunch of mails it was. It stretched and stuffed itself full in the mailbox. And more then 90% were adverts. T-T The rest were bills. But one mail made me smile. :)

Super sweet uber kawaii pony tail holders from pfang! :D

Thank you pfang! I'm going to wear one in my hair every day. :)

You can check out her Etsy shop for more kawaii, amigurumi, sassy felt pins, and totally cute plushes! Yay for Malaysian crafters! :D


lynnx01 said...

You're back in Vista! Happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

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