Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Poo Friends Comeback + Rainbow Kitsch Fries


Here I am... after midnight... officially on 'Christmas Day'... Blogging away.... T-T And my sis is a few feet away... watching Big Bang's documentary.... T-T We are so the 'yeh mau'....

So today, I tried making some keychain/charm clips. They turned out ok I suppose... Compiled another set of Happy Poo Friends with a new member : Baby Cream Blob Poo. :D

Listed on Etsy. You can view the listing and buy HERE.

After finishing that, I had more drive to make stuff... Hence this rainbow keychain. :) The vintage mock fries is the kitschiest thing ever. :D

This piece is loaded with all sorts of treasures; little sparkly acrylic beads, colourful seed beads, vintage buttons, a glass bead and embellished felt charms. Up for grabs HERE.

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