Friday, December 7, 2007

Mr & Miss Burnt Treacle Poo

Been dabbling around with different materials. I'm in a confused state right now. I don't know my own goals. Maybe I do know. But I'm afraid I won't be able to reach them. I want my shop stock to be down to at most 10 when December ends. That's what I want.

Well. I'm also having a dilema as to whether I should contribute to The Sampler again for February. Since December 2007 and January 2008 samplers are combined into one (The Holiday Sampler), February is my next choice.

I've made a couple of pin brooches, featuring Kawaii~neh!'s Burnt Treacle Poo (with an additional 'Mr'). The pom-poms are just so fun to make, and my mum found a bag of vintage Christmas decorative sparkly strings. So, I got the idea to assemble everything into a brooch.

I'm really sure that these are the perfect Sampler contributions. But the problem is, sending off 25 of these will cost me a bom in terms of shipping. T-T

So then, I listed two of them on Etsy to see if they're sellable. So far, they're not bought yet. But I'm keeping my hopes up.

In the meantime, I experimented with felt scraps I've collected over the months. :P Will be posting up the results soon. :P

Oh.... talking about results..... I got my sem 3 results in the mail a few days ago. I'm sooo disappointed with myself. I've always set myself to not let my GPA go below 3.5. But this sem 3 was like hell. Hence the go-below-3.5 phenomenon. T____T

Must fight hard next sem. Cannot let my CGPA go below 3.5. If not, I just go die can already la. T____T

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