Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rainbow Bejewelled Altered Tin

Hmm.... I was inspired to make this yesterday, due to my desperate desire to use up the felt scraps. I cut out circles from different coloured felt scraps, sewed them onto a piece of black felt. Then, I embellished the piece with beads, sequins, a vintage button and a plastic monkey. :D

The whole embellished piece of felt was then glued to the tin with sepcial fabric-metal glue. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before here. I got this glue from Kinokuniya at RM13+. It's a large tube, around 100-150g. Made in Japan. Works wonders. :D

The back-side of the tin where the ends of the black felt piece meets is covered with red velvety fabric tape, the same one which I used for the recycled bags. Kept it simple, because I want it to be able to be personalised - you can stick on a name-tag, laminated photo, the like. It is intended as a keepsake box. :) Put in la whatever is dear to you. :)

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