Saturday, December 29, 2007

Geekery on Etsy

I present you the ultimate list of must-have geeky accessories for you to be a fully qualified geek. :P Of course, geeks have a way with words.

This old-school name tag pin is either a heaven-sent guardian for your new Tokidoki, or provoking tool to green-eyed monsters. :D A brilliant creation by Singapore-based Evod.

This piece below here is a beautiful accessory for a sweet girl. :) How I wish I'm worthy of it. :P An awesome idea hatched by DorisWorks, also a Singaporean. I absolutely love that she used old dictionaries for her line of resin necklaces.

Luv4sams also makes eye-catching dictionary definition necklaces using clear glass marbles. This craft is one of many which I'm planning to learn and try. I particularly dig this piece.

There's a rising trend on Etsy to use maps in accessories and jewelry. But none of them can compare with bettydeath's transit map cuffs. I absolutely c-o-v-e-t this London Underground Transit Map Cuff.

I love that you can put words on your wrists with this metal tag leather bracelet by aPassionForFashion. :D

I'm having my eye on all these pieces so hurry and buy before I lose control and splurge some more. :P

Just bought two lovely necklaces from pendantflair a few days ago. Can't wait for them to receive them. :) I intended to buy only one initially, but then simply couldn't resist this gem of a treasure.

This pendant is actually two pieces of glass with a sheet of paper in between. It is sealed with silver solder to keep the paper intact and prevent moisture from damaging it. This craft is another one which I plan to try... somehow... :P It is very popular, and people normally use microscopic slides for making pendants like this.

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