Sunday, December 2, 2007

Strawberry Dreams Necklace/Pins Set

Hah..... Been happily occupied yesterday. :P Remaking Rainbow Funk Necklace/Pins Set had given me an idea to make this Strawberry Dreams Necklace :

Um... Being inspired had me gotten a little carried away... I love the way it turned out though. You may dorn this funky kitschy bright schwagg of a necklace for that sweet lolita look. :)

Yup. This is another zipper necklace. The strawberries and yo-yos are actually pin brooches. They can be taken off to wear individually or rearranged on the necklace. I had fun making the poufy pink pom-pom. :D The pink acrylic yarn was from a swap. :)

I've listed it on Etsy. Click on the pictures or HERE to view and buy. :)

I'm feeling a bit better because I got a custom order request from a Singapore girl. :D I'm happy. :P Even though it's a small order. :P Well, I'm trying not to have more than 25 items on sale in the shop at this time. Gotta have 'em sold first before I stock up on more kawaii handmade.

Sho... Anyone curious to know what my work table looks like? :P

It's like a hill sloping up towards the left. T-T Oh, and that Famous Amos cookie tin does NOT contain any cookies. I like to collect tins - biscuits tins, mooncake tins, candy tins and macam-macam tins. They're great for storing/organizing stuff, and keeping your room/place neat and tidy. :)

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mushroommeadows said...

Lovely necklace.

Oh, by the way, I wanted to thank you for your previous reviews on various asian snacks. I'm always too scared to try them without knowing anything about them, and it is nice to know what someone else thinks before I take that bite. :)