Wednesday, December 19, 2007

KL/Penang/Langkawi Trip + Sampler Peeks

Looong break away from blogging. :P Arrived home yesterday night after that one-week 'holiday'. As feared, I've gained 2 more kilos. T-T

Didn't take nice photos during the trip.... Cos the camera lens was damaged on the first night. T-T Had to use my sis's camera phone to take pics. T-T Though with its 3.2 megapixels, the quality of the photos still aren't that good lo.

In KL, we went to Pavillion. The rumours I heard about the place are true. Jangan harap want to buy anything if you don't have at least RM100 at hand or a credit card. T-T And we saw something really bizarre.... People queuing up for donuts. @_@

I mean, yeah, donuts in general are nice - soft and sugary. But do you really have to queue up and wait for 30 minutes to get a lame donut? Do you? Huh?

Well, curiosity got the better of me. Back at Sunway Piramid (we were staying at the hotel), we bump into another one of the donut outlet. J.Co Donuts & Coffee. Apu..... What ish dish?

Since the queue has only around 5-8 people, comparing to about 30 people at the other outlet we saw at Pavillion, we thought hey, why not try some of them donuts and judge for ourselves the nicenest?

We bought half a dozen to try. And we were totally blown away.

At last, we knew why people sanggup queue up for these donuts. They are just sooo soft and nice! :D I take back my mentioning of 'a lame donut'.

During our stay in KL, I was very 'guai'. I only bought these :

... and two shirts. :P

The next day, we flew to Penang. Visited mostly tourist spots there. Penang has a lot of temples. Oh, and my dad's friend brought us to this Jalan Macalister or something for the hawker food. I'd never eaten so much. T-T The Penang char kuey teow is just the B-E-S-T. If I had to chose only one dish to eat for the rest of my life, it'll be Penang char kuey teow! :D *piggy snorts*

Ahh... after those gastronomic experiences in Penang (hawker food was not all we ate), we were excited by Langkawi's many duty-free outlets. I just drooled over the chocolate selections. Bought quite a lot, but not as much as we'd have liked to because we scared later our luggage overweight. T-T

We stayed overnight in Langkawi and had to fly back to KL then Sibu the next day. Haih. There are sooo much more to see there. T-T

Well, back in Sibu, I caught up with preparations for The Sampler. Here are the finished samples :

The flowery brown card-bases for the packaging are actually Hari Raya envelopes my parents got from Parkson Ria. I cut each in half, glued the insides together, ironed them to flatten and straighten them. They look really attractive -perfect for the samples. :)

I made a few promotional cards too. :)

Any item that contains a logo, URL or business name as an integral feature of its design will be considered a PROMO and not a SAMPLE. Promos are items sent in addition to samples.

Now, I fear for the postage for all this. T-T


Aneesah said...

The samples are lovely! ^_^ Hehe, wonderful idea of using duit raya packets. :D I could use the used ones me and my bro get, too... We used to just throw them away. =X

And yeah, certain areas of shopping malls are getting increasingly pricey, it's ridiculous! We were in Melaka for a few days, and didn't think the stuff would be so expensive, but they were. Must be the pusat pelancongan factor. -_-

Hope the posting won't cost too much! :( I'm scared of posting overseas because of the cost, too. And takut hilang. =\

Sing Yee said...

Haha... the postage was not as expensive as the last time I posted to The Sampler. I've even included much more stuff inside a box, and it costed only RM28, compared to RM35 last time (used an envelope and it costed more leh...) I think it's because they've changed address to another state. I think mailing to different states in the US will give different postage rates.

If you scared the mail will get lost, have it registered. I've been using registered mail all this while, and I'm glad to say 100% of them had reached their destination. :)

Aneesah said...

Ah, I see. 28 ringgit's not that bad. :) Do you usually post parcels? Is there any special procedure compared to mailing envelopes? (I know registered mail ade that separate borang thing, and that's it right?)

I find that it takes ages for something to reach US, though. =_= Like 2 weeks lama. =\

Sing Yee said...

I normally mail envelopes. But due to much more elaborate gift-wrapping for recent orders, I used small boxes, half the size of very small shoe boxes. There isn't much difference mailing both, except for the prices of course. :P Any mail (envie or parcel) that weighs over 100g requires a green custom form to be filled and attached. Yup, registering mail needs the RM3.90 (international -for other countries) sticker. Mail to the US usually do take that long. :P Sometimes, it could be longer. T-T

juanitatortilla said...

Super, super nice!
I bet you'll be hearing from many new customers!