Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All-in-one shopping with Getprice!

With the current trend of online shopping, anyone can set up a shop, using an ecommerce host, on social networking websites and even on blogs. I admit to being one of those online shoppers who thrills in finding unique webpages that display attractive wares.

However, such one-to-one browsing can be time-consuming and by the end of the day, I might not get the product I that suits my needs best at the best price. Take the lcd tv for example. There are probably hundreds of models, with countless mind-boggling features, to choose from.

Shopping at GetPrice speeds up searches for consumer products. This Australian-based shopping comparison engine allows consumers to compare prices of products from over 350 merchants. I did a search under 'clothing & fashion', and was pleasntly surprised that YesStyle is one of the merchants. This signifies that GetPrice displays products from merchants worldwide that ship to Australia. The site also provides product reviews, merchant reviews, and interestingly, price history of a particular product. Apart from that, extra features of the site include daily buying tips for consumers and top tens of a specific type of product.

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