Friday, October 24, 2008

Nothing's more beautiful than this song

Nope. No kawaii. Again.


Just finished watching Soulmate. There was no satisfactory ending to the story. Instead, viewers have the choice to decide for themselves how they want the ending to be like.

Despite that, I must say it's one of the best Korean dramas I've watched. :) Heart-moving yet not a sob story. Never a boring moment, always with surprises and not a few funny scenes.

As always, I can't help being attracted to the drop-dead gorgeous lead actor. ^-^" So, searched him on youtube. And found this music video that he was in. Instantly fell in love with the song, the moment I heard the first note. The tune made me I feel like I'm in another world, all worries forgotten. The lyrics are absolutely touching. I found myself linking the ending of Soulmate to the song.

Been playing it over and over the whole night. ^-^" With Applied Biopharmaceutics forgotten. -_-"

{ The song is not as clear as how it should be. I have it up on the Imeem player on the left side bar :) }

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