Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shop Online Safely with buySAFE

With tokidoki standing as a brand by itself without collaboration with LeSportsac, it will be more difficult to find the new bags here in Malaysia. Not only that, unstable fuel prices only contribute to increase of the bag prices even if they do get to retail outlets here. Therefore, I prefer buying them online, specifically on ebay. However, with a single bag priced for an average of not less than $130, I've hesitated making a purchase many a time.

There are several factors that made me contemplate whether to proceed with an online purchase or not. More often than not, it is the fear that the the seller is not trustworthy, and I would end up not receiving my purchase. So far, I've encountered such an experience twice, and on both occasions, I had purchased from individuals on social networking forums.


To avoid falling victim to online identity theft and fraudulent merchants, I suggest taking a look at buySAFE shopping advisor. It is a free downloadable application, which you can display as a toolbar on your web browser. The advisor connects you with the safest online merchants when you click on 'safe shopping results' on the application, while providing ratings of such searches that include those of Google, Yahoo and ebay. You gain instant access to products from Bonded Merchants, who are exclusively inspected and monitored every day by buySAFE. You are automatically protected with a bond guarantee of up to $25,000 if you buy from a Bonded Merchant.


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