Wednesday, October 8, 2008

G-Dragon = Have you ever seen a guy like him?

I'll be regretting for having rushed through antipsychotics and then switching to watching Big Bang on youtube tonight. T-T

Ah... But I'm getting flutters in the heart just listening to G-Dragon talk. ♥ ♥ ♥ And looking at him too. :P

Yeah, my love for Big Bang had just gotten iteself re-inforced these few days and becoming stronger than ever. Previously, I loved only their songs; didn't take much notice of the members. But then, my lil sis kept pestering me to go watch part 2 of Haru Haru, their new song in their 3rd mini album. Being the good sis that I am *ceh~*, I watched la. And from there, I was lead deeper and deeper in the realm of Big Bang!

Ok. So the main thing I want to talk about here is the leader in the group; G-Dragon. That's his stage-name. Real name is Kwon Ji Yong, 'Yong' meaning dragon in Korean. Gawd. Gotta love him. He composed and written lyrics for Big Bang's hit song Lies, and a score of other songs as well, including Haru Haru. He's got creativity alright, mad style and crazy fashion sense. LOVE his personality, his confidence, his ease and natural self on stage. OMG. Can't stop liking him. He's only 20 though. ♥ Lagi the reson to like him. XD

He's not your drop-dead gorgeous, handsome guy. He's the cute guy, the ever confident leader. And I love every bit of him. ♥

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