Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Little Green Around You

I actually forced myself to start revising the CNS module. T-T Couldn't believe it, but I managed to refresh what little I've read for the class test. Even so, there's still a huge part of the module I have to cover to secure a chance for a pass for EOS.

Today, I cleaned up some of the kitchen cabinets. And racked out a hoard of glass jars. Have you ever seen the likes of them? I mean, this collection is a result of eating habits of one person in, say, just 2 months (August and September).

{ I consume fruit jam at an alarming rate, yes. I'll say about a jar for 2 to 3 weeks. I've known some people *mostly my relatives* having a jar, barely touched, sitting in their cupboard for months, close to a year. Tsk tsk. What a way to appreciate your food. }

Every semester, I'll have an accumulation of glass jars. Previous semester, I took them all back to Sibu. Wrapped carefully in old newspapers and packed into a cardboard box.

I don't think I'll have the patience to go through all that again just to clear my kitchen. T-T

Well, by incident, I came across terrariums on Etsy, while searching for 'mushroom' just now. Terrariums are little plant habitats grown in glass jars, and they require little care. All they need is indirect sunlight, and a sprinkle of water every 2 to 3 weeks. A perfect alternative to growing potted plants for lazy bums like me. :P

Most plants grown in terrariums are small and slow growing. I simply love the green moss in these terrariums by madebymavis :

{ Absolutely lovely mossy terrariums by madebymavis }

I'm thinking of starting one of my own, but I guess I'll have to research more about how to do it. :P And I doubt I can get such beautiful moss in Malaysia... -_-"

Here's another one by TheOakLeaves :

{ Kawaii~ ♥ }

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CinnamonCrane said...

you know? I just turned vegetarian :B and I'm feeling green :B these things are cute... I'd like to make some research to have one on my own :)