Saturday, October 11, 2008

Delicious + Chocolate Coated Yummies + Two Bimbos

*Sigh*.... I really have no motivation to put my all into studying at the moment. T-T No matter how I hard I try to concentrate, I just can't. It's really beginning to scare me, because I have this thought that oh, I just need to pass the damn paper, that's all. I really don't care if I get an A or C. T-T Someone please wake me up.

After going through Rang, Ritter & Dale on AffectiveMood Disorders, I'm wondering if I'm having depression; unipolar depression. Depression is one of the most common psychiatric disorder affecting the public. Emotional symptoms include misery, pessimism, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, indecisiveness and feelings of guilt or tendency to blame oneself for something that went wrong. I have all these symptoms, all the time. I'm not kidding. I've been feeling this way for as long as I can remember, since I . Except for those occasional days *just one a few days ago* that I felt exceptionally high. So instead of unipolar depression, I may be having bipolar disorder II, which manifests as dominance of depression with bouts of mania in between.

I wonder what I should do about this.

Well, I don't want to bore you further with details of my absolutely depressing life.

Let me share with you the deliciousness I tasted at Delicious in Bangsar Village :

{ yokie's Banoffee Pie with bananas & toffee }

{ My warm chocolate cake flooded with rich chocolate fudge sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. And there I was, praising Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence to the skies... ^-^" }

After that amazing sugar-loaded session, I reached home to make some more chocolate sweets.

{ Chocolate-peanut-butter-covered marshmallows + Chocolate peanut butter rice crispies clusters }

{ Nothing beats chocolate in giving me that sugar-high }

Chocolate works wonders. Even with self-diagnosed affective mood disorders. :P But the effects lasted for not more than 24 hours. I'm feeling down again today. T-T

I had fun yesterday though. The two girls yokie & chin2 came and made a ruckus at my teenee Vista appartment. -_-" Chin2 suddenly had this idea of displaying on herself all jewelry pieces found in one of my jewelry boxes.

{ My temporary model ♥ }

And then I made her do a pose like Superman :

{ You notice someone's butt there? XD }

After that, we went crazy with the Cinnamoroll patch I made ages ago. We tried sticking all over yokie.

{ Kawaii desu ne? ♥ }

{ This is the cutest pose ever! ♥ }

Yeah. Yesterday was a crazy day. ^o^ Witness the process of pre-craziness :

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