Friday, October 17, 2008

tokidoki Carnival Carezza

I woke up early Wednesday morning. To bid on this tokidoki Carnival Carezza.

{ Front }

{ Back }

I really must learn the proper way of bidding. The secret to winning a listing. Some strategy to win that listing. T-T There had been no bidders for this bag, until the last 10 minutes. Seeing the reasonably cheap price at $135, when it's sold at $184 in retail, I thought it a good bargain. So, I confidently put my first bid. From past experiences, I know there will be lurking bidders, waiting to outbid the highest bidder at the last minute. I apprehensively refreshed at the '1 Click Bid'. I did this constantly, every 2 seconds till the last 10 seconds to end of the bid, and found that suddenly, there's a second bidder putting $137.50.

I knew this would happen, and I put my luck into speed at bidding $140. But when I submitted my bid, the lisitng had ended. T-T I was really really pissed off. T-T

This Carezza has the perfect placement of the Carnival print. T-T

I know it's really too much, wanting yet another tokidoki bag when I already have 2. ^-^" I can already hear suggestions thrown at me to save my bucks for something needed, or invest it in something useful. But let's put this as such; I have an obsession of collecting all tokidoki bags with the prints I like. :P


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Stephanie meiyu said...

yea, i experienced that twice in a roll, sooo angry..i wasn't out bid for the last5 days and someone took it at the last 10 second.