Friday, October 31, 2008

Teh Sweeteste Yumminuess Evah!

*Don't worry about the title. Just a sudden wish to do random spelling mistakes*

If you haven't heard of Strapya until now, may I rightfully suggest that you give yourself a bang on the forehead. XD

Ok, I feel the bump. :D So you wanna know? You really wanna know? Don't blame me if your housemate slaps you again on the head for screaming the place down. Or if you're overpowered by the urge to scrap your savings account empty after you see the images below.

*Dun dun DUH dun~*

{ All images are taken from }

{ Chocolates + Jam cookie + Japanese chocs + Strawberry parfait }

Straya is your online superstore supplying the coolest, hotest, most bizarre Japanese cellphone straps and accessories! From absolutely weird ghost radars to plain crazy sexy underwear bra cellphone straps, Strapya is set to wow you with its vast variety of Japanese eccentricity.

{ Almost too life-like muffins }

{ Fancy some cookies to hang on your phone? :D }

I for one am particularly in love with their selection of miniature food straps. If I had the money, I'd certainly see myself immersed in the wonder of desserts, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, ice creams and sushi. ^-^"

{ Ah... Doughnuts!!! }

{ Pretty yummies~ }

Have you broken that piggy bank yet? :D


Ciyou said...

looks extreemly yummy~~ nice

Sing Yee said...

Hehe... They sure do look like real food don't they? :D

Julie said...

Coucou , felicitation pour toutes tes créations toutes est magnifique , tu as un tallent fou

Ladybastard said...

^_^ cute blog

Ally said...

i'm so in loev with these straps
Ice cream :3

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Oh they are too too delicious! I can see these making it onto my christmas list. yum!