Sunday, October 26, 2008

The proven solution for fire protection

Most of the time I came across a news article about a building or shoplot being destroyed in a fire, I always wondered how a small source of fire, maybe a lighted match dropping on a pile of paper, could cause the whole building to burn down, even spreading to neighbouring buildings. My perception was that the fire could not have spread through cement and concrete. Only after reading about ways to fireproof construction did I begin to understand that fire normally spreads via electrical cables and PVC piping systems. Therefore, in order to minimize fire-induced damages to a contruction building or structure, it is important to equip it with passive fire protection. This means fireproofing the building's construction materials, which can be done using fireproof sealant for electric cables and pipes. Taking extra measures with steel fireproofing as well as using fire barrier sealant on walls and floors provide further protection.


KBS, an established company specializing in fire protection systems, has introduced an intumescent sealant which is suitable for use in all manufacturing facilities and buildings. This sealant can be applied to steel, aluminium, PVC pipes and electric cables, and is capable of retarding fire for up to two hours.

Protect your home with fireproofing and firestopping methods today with KBS's fire protection system.


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