Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wishing to Escape My Mundane Life

AHHH!!! I'm sick of studying every single day!!!!


If not for the internet, I shudder to think what forms of entertainment I might have to resort to *read - sitting and staring into space* to keep insanity at bay during this absolutely depressing pre-exams preiod.

Currently, I'm watching this Korean drama called Soulmate. I like how the storyline never gets boring, and how events just come after one another in an unpredictable yet satisfying way. In addition, the songs that accompanied several scenes just pierced through my heart. Well, they grew immediately on me, and the neighbours might have been wondering the past few days what form of miscreation was croaking Lasse Lindh's C'mon Through tirelessly every night. -_-"

The drama is a must-watch for you drama-addicts out there! :D

P/S : A big thank your to Ciyou for awarding me the Butterfly Award. *blushes* You're one active crafty girl. :) Way to go!

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