Wednesday, October 8, 2008

JSR #.... I really lost count... T-T

Today's a great day. Somehow, I felt quite happy. Dunno why. :P *lalalalalalalala*

Perhaps this is the after-effect of watching Big Bang's all natural interviews. XD I love the way Sueng Ri and Ji Yong talk at each other. *omg* So funny! :D

Oh, and I just came back from my friend's raya open house. :P I really must hand it to the girls la. They all cook amazingly yummy dishes. *drools* Eat 3 rounds also cannot didn't finish tasting all of them. :D

Hehe... Just some eye candy for the moment :

Lotte Airs Hamchimitsu Milk Choco + Milk Choco

Price : RM7.10 each

Weight : Didn't write (12 pieces)

Found : Isetan KLCC

{ Hachimitsu = honey }

{ Diseased chocolate -_-" }

Frankly, these two chocolates are the worst I've tasted amongst Japanese chocs. T-T Lagi lah with the white-ish fungus-like thingies covering the milk chocolate. T-T Those are actually some of the ingredients in the chocolate, leached out and crystallizing on the chocolate surface *if I'm not mistaken*. But still, they look absolutely gross. -_-"

G-Dragon Ji Yong!!! Sarang hae yo!!!!!!!

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