Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eyeing Chic Dresses

My brother's getting married end of this year. :) The wedding's been decided on since back in the stone age. -_-" It's supposed to be grand and all.

Bro's only 25 this year, and his girl 24. :) Both sides compliment one another too well. I'm just relieved that at least, my parents are in a state of intoxicated happiness and wouldn't be bothering me with hints to faster-find-someone for the time being. Well, not till the wedding's over at least. -_-"

My mum had asked me to search for a dress or two to wear to the church ceremony and for the wedding dinner. For a girl who's not worn a lot of dresses, apart from the school pinafores and the occasional Chinese New Year two-piece outfit with a skirt, I'm quite at lost of what sort of dress is appropriate for that big day.

{ Chic Dresses that I sort of like :P }

I'm thinking of doning on any one these styles. At traditional Chinese wedding dinners, most of the ladies will be wearing long gowns and such. I don't think I'm that old yet, but then again, I'm not at all comfortable with sleeveless numbers and full cocktail dresses. ^-^"

I really like those high-waisted dresses, especially those with a black dress and a top. Nice! :D


lynnx01 said...

Congrats to your brother! What a nice age to get settled down. Hehe..

Sing Yee said...

Thanks, on behalf of him. :P Yeah, it's good that he's settled down, but I do think it's a little too early though. :P My ideal age for guys to get married is about 27-29. But then, it's not my decision to make. ^-^"

That aside, I can almost hear my mum nagging me to follow the lead. -_-"