Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Craftiness + Kawaiiness Put On Hold

Yeah. I'm sure you have not failed to notice that there has recently been less and less posts that kawaii-fies you. T-T

Approximately two weeks ago, I was under great obbligation to imprint the contents of the entire blue section of the Pharmacology textbook into my brain cells. T-T After that 2 weeks of disastrous, seemingly non-progressive and non-effectiveness-of-making-me-remember-punya revision of CNS, I began going through voluminous chapters on thyroid glands & disorders, diabetes mellitus & pancreatic hormones, pituitary glands and whatever else glands yang ade lah. T-T

Today, I've just about finish half of the female reproductive system and ovarian hormones. I want to cry. Is there any way to forever remember all the teenee details? *whines* I don't wanna memorize the stupid unwanted effects and drug interactions. *whines somemore*

End-of-semester exams are getting scarily nearer. T-T

Hokay. I think I'll have to leave off posting handmades and kawaii. T-T Please bear with any strange or kawaii-unrelated posts that you may be seeing from now till end of November.


Thank you bunches~!

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