Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Super Unlucky Day T-T

I'm currently using the uni's electronic lab. Was kicked out of class by the lecturer. Please don't feel alarmed yet. Let me tell the whole story.

This is the second week of the supposedly 'simulated' industrial training. We were actually to go to the real industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing plants to observe and experience the processes and regulations of manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

But due to circumstances that can't be helped, the whole plan was aborted and here we are, stucked in campus every day, forced to attend ultimately boring presentations and watch meaningless videos for hours on end.

Wonder why I sound so miserable about it? Our end-of-semester exams are closing in. And to think we have to spend whole mornings and whole afternoons sitting in the lecture theatres, with monotonous speeches droning on and on and on and on and on. I don't see the point of attending such unproductive sessions when I can revise for my EOS subjeects.

So what happened was, this morning, I went into class, opened the paper I brought with me, and began reading. I did this while some of my batchmates were presenting their PowerPoint slides in front of the theatre. But it wasn't as if I made a hurricane of flipping the pages. Well, all I can say if that I didn't realize the facilitator *lecturer* was watching the whole class from his position at the back of the theatre.

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder and then, "Can you please leave?"

The facilitator was standing behind me, and that was him asking the question - or more like ordering me to leave the lecture theatre. It's clearly due to my reading of the paper while someone's talking in front of the class.

So far in my entire uni life, I've never crossed any lines with rules and regulations, or troden across anyone's path. But I guess there's always a first.


I feel really bad at the moment. The facilitator is actually a very gentle and soft-spoken, round burly fatherly man. It might not have been so bad if he had shouted at me to throw the paper aside and pay attention. Instead, asking me to leave made me felt like being cast out from the class. I feel really lonely.

Shouldn't have taken that damn paper this morning. T-T

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